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19 February 2009 @ 10:16 pm
ooc! profile  
Character Name: Cloud Strife
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Cloud has had a rough time with relationships, as far as things go. He probably won't be open to a fling or anything he wouldn't consider "real." (Though, even if he does develop feelings, he's known to be flighty.) That said, he (again probably) won't discriminate, if you catch my drift.
Original Universe

Appearance: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
Cloud is a man of medium build who, in all honesty, looks as if he shouldn't be able to lift his sword much less use it effectively. His bright blue eyes distinguish him as a man who has been subject to intense Mako treatments. He will often wear sunglasses to cover them up, thereby avoiding any suspicion being connected with the SOLDIER program would cause.

His primary weapon as of Advent Children is the First Tsurugi, one sword composed of seven pieces. Cloud will most often use "main" piece (number two in the diagram) with the "hollow" blade (number one) as support.

Personality: Advent Children seemed to be a real turning point for Cloud in his personality. Though he started the movie in what could be described as depression. He feels as though he is inadequate, and completely incapable of helping himself or anyone around him. He tells himself that he left in order to not be a burden to Tifa and the kids. Really, it's because he feels he doesn't deserve them.

Though through the defeat of Sephiroth (again), he feels as if he's taken a step forward in redeeming himself, he doesn't really believe it until he wakes up in the pool of water surrounded by friends before seeing Aerith and Zack for the last time. However, he will not have experienced that (see History) in-game, so there will still be some psychological effects of his doubt.

Cloud is a stubborn, goal-oriented man. When he thinks he's right, there's nothing that can convince him otherwise without a pretty exhausting fight. This often leads to him somehow alienating someone close to him, though he will insist that it is for their protection. Self-sacrificing in nature, he is unwilling to see someone hurt if he has any say in the matter and will throw himself into harms way to prevent such a thing from happening. He will even go so far as to hide his own pain and feelings so as not to be an inconvenience or a distraction.

Cloud is a natural father-figure, as in his he is very protecting. He very often draws his strength from the thought of what could happen should he fail, thus making it his mission not to. Being a protector is Cloud's call to existence, his loyalty and self-sacrifical nature lending very well to the job. He almost feels empty when he has nothing under his care.

In-game, Cloud will be driven to return back to Gaia, though not to the point of ignoring everyone and everything onboard the ship (because he's certainly not going to find out much on his own - I've never taken him for a book person). This drive will fuel him with his desire to live and keep living so that he can one day see his friends again and go back to being the "protector of the Planet," as it were.

History: Link
I'll be taking Cloud before the end of Advent Children, right before he is "sent back" by Aerith to her church in the slums to cure Denzel and the rest of the Geostigma victims. This uncertainty as to whether or not everyone thought he was dead, and even if everyone was cured will affect his (initial) in-game actions. Just thought I'd clarify a little. :)

Strengths: Cloud's greatest strength is his compassion and his love for his friends, no matter how cliche it sounds. Without them, he would have succumbed entirely to Sephiroth's wishes and the Planet would have been destroyed without much of a fight. He puts the well-being of others higher on a list of priorities than his own, and will not hesitate to sacrifice whatever he can for someone else. He is strongest when fighting for a cause or to protect something.

Physically, Cloud's certainly no pushover. The Mako he was treated with nearly six years ago gives him almost inhuman strength and endurance. Coupled with an extensive knowledge of materia, close-range/sword combat, and strategy, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Weaknesses: Cloud's greatest strength can also be seen as a great weakness. Because of his willingness to do anything for a friend in need, sometimes he may rush blindly into situations he doesn't fully understand and may end up getting needlessly injured. Also, the times he's failed to protect a friend weigh heavily on his conscience, which not only adds to the "rush blindly into situations" thing, but also the feeling that he is worthless and not worth saving (though that feeling seems to have disappeared by the end of Advent Children as he forgives himself for not being perfect).

Being a close-combat type of guy, Cloud is sure to have problems with long-range attacks (unless he has his hands on some materia).