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Cloud Strife [original]
23 February 2009 @ 08:38 pm
[Back on Gaia, it wouldn't be strange or unusual to see someone running on the beach in the morning. Some bigwig executive who had a daily exercise routine, and perhaps he was on vacation in Costa Del Sol... (Because, really, the beaches every where else were less then appealing.) But here, on this planet, at midnight and with rain falling so hard it could leave welts, that sight would be unusual, to say the least. And certainly anyone still in their right mind would wonder what there was to be running from...]

[From the past? From the future? Cloud had plenty of experience running from his pain. He even ran away from home, didn't he. Ran away from home, from Tifa... abandoned Aerith, Zack... He was good at running. It so happens that often the physical reflects the mental and so now we see a man on the beach and he's running and running and running. There's no break in this marathon.]

[The open space isn't safe. He's too vulnerable, there are too many angles he can't cover, there's that creepy ship and the water and the rain. Oh, right, can't forget the hovering spacecraft that had abducted that kid, can't forget it. Can't forget Meteor. There's the same aura of foreboding and it's just waiting to plummet down to Gaia and kill them all. Cloud failed. They all failed.]

[The Sphere that's been following him suddenly decides to turn on, apparently bored with his silence and wanting something more exciting to happen. He turns towards the forest and, if it's even possible at this point, speeds up. He can't afford to slow down, not now, not when Sephiroth is right there and nowhere is safe. Nowhere. Something hovers at the very edge of his vision and it's silver and unnatural and him. He reaches for his sword but it. is. not. there. Materia he forgot he had found with the rest of his belongings on the beach appeared in his hand without his recollection.]

[Suddenly the ground begins to shake and a pillar of earth shoots skyward. Quake 3.]

Tifa... Aerith...

[He continues into the forest. Back to shelter.]
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Cloud Strife [original]
20 February 2009 @ 01:35 am
[The Sphere (which happens to be shaped like a small bird - a miniature Chocobo, perhaps) has only one sight in its view - that of a blond man in a bright orange jumpsuit, staring out across the ocean. He appears to be in shock.]

Where...? What...? [He doesn't notice the Sphere until it nearly floats into him; and then, he looks at it in confusion, when he suddenly decides something.]

[There's a brief period of static, wherein the man is pushing buttons to try and figure out what this Sphere does, followed by silence until (finally) the image focuses on Cloud's face. He's assumed that it's some sort of communication device, as it randomly chattered at him as he was doing his "inspection" of sorts.]

[His words come out a little awkwardly, as if he doesn't really know how to be forceful with an inanimate object, though he tries.]
I don't know where this is, or who brought me here, but I will get out. You can't stop me. There are people waiting back in Midgar that I have to see. Denzel, if you can hear me, just wait. You'll be cured soon, I promise. I'll teach you how to ride Fenrir and use Materia and all those other things I told you I'd do. I haven't left you, not again. Never again, understand?

And Tifa... Tifa, I...

If you... If you ever get this, I'll see you soon.

... Actually, if anyone can hear me, do you happen to know where on Gaia this is?
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Cloud Strife [original]
19 February 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Character Name: Cloud Strife
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Cloud has had a rough time with relationships, as far as things go. He probably won't be open to a fling or anything he wouldn't consider "real." (Though, even if he does develop feelings, he's known to be flighty.) That said, he (again probably) won't discriminate, if you catch my drift.
Original Universe

Sorry for the delay~Collapse )
Cloud Strife [original]
21 December 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Figure I'd post this now and get it out of the way (before I forget (and also because I really like concrit~ :D)). Have a nice day!

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